Monday, June 20, 2011



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help a sista out.


this past weekend i headed home 
to celebrate fathers day 
in auburn

i cant even begin to tell you the last time i was home
maybe easter, so i guess it was not that long ago

anyways, this weekend was great!
thursday my mom called and asked if there was anything special i would like to have
my only request was to have everything we ate made on the grill
and that we did!

friday night we had homemade bratwurst
and went and ate brusters

saturday we were up bright and early to head out to pick blueberries at a local farm
my mom and i picked over 2 gallon of humongous flavorful blueberries.
on the way home we stopped and ate at the infamous big blue bagel and checked out all the boutiques downtown.

that afternoon we went and saw the movie 
midnight in paris
it was not what i was expecting but i really enjoyed spending time with my mom and grandmother

sunday we celebrated fathers day 
by starting out with church
a cookout and then playing in the back yard with the dogs
before i headed down 280 back to birmingham
to start the work week!


on a fun note
drew hit an RBI in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs to get the first win of the season for
the gulf coast league twins!
you can follow his team here


Thursday, June 16, 2011


pintrest is the latest craze 

but let me tell you this is plain disgusting

this image pops up on my boards everyday
please make it stop.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


be joyful in hope
patient in affliction
faithful in prayer
romans 12:12 

i need this on repeat everywhere i go, everything i read, and everwhere i am.
repeat. repeat. repeat.

Monday, June 13, 2011

a minnesota twin

i will never forget the feeling on june 8, 2011
when i got a text that read

"Ames! I'm going to play pro baseball!"

my heart dropped, literally i was speechless
i was sitting with work friends during lunch at fun mexican restaurant
and once i got the text i literally felt like i could not move
dramatic i know

after my immediate reaction i wanted to know
 who he had been drafted by
what round
blah blah blah

but more importantly when he would be leaving for rookie ball

he would be playing for the minnesota twins
he was drafted in the 37th round
and will be in fort myers, fl until further notice

don't worry i didn't know what there emblem looked like either

it seemed in that one moment both of our lives had been changed for the better

i finished up the rest of work that day and thankfully was able to get down to mobile to celebrate!
jack and i packed up the car and booked it down i65 to mobile.
the car ride allowed me to settle my emotions and realize what was about to take place for the next couple of years.

to say i was overwhelmed was an understatement!

drews family had a big party wednesday night
he officially signed saturday afternoon
and hopped on a plane to fort myers sunday morning!

and i unfortunately returned to birmingham... im not bitter or anything!! ha

we had a wonderful visit in mobile and i would not trade that time for the world, 
and so great to see someone achieve a dream they have been dreaming since they were 4 years old
i mean lets get real, drew still has a ceiling fan made out of baseball bats, baseball wallpaper, and not to mention the numerous signed balls and hats around his room.

to say you have a conquered a dream, that no one can take from you, is an understatement!  
im excited for the journey of dating a minnesota twins baseball star!

call me a bandwagon fan, but i think i will sport that TC emblem pretty nicely
i mean com'on i think i have a reason

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Friday, June 3, 2011


happy friday!!

im off to atlanta to see these two tie the knot

i had a dream last night about the whole weekend and woke up so excited 
like a kid on christmas morning!!

can't to see yall become mr. and mrs.