Monday, December 3, 2012


have you ever seen the mall kiosk's with ladies using sewing thread to shape their eyebrows?
well, i have!
and my roommate convinced me it would be a great idea to try it out.

so we enter 'arches', lay down in our chair and they go to town. it is different than waxing and the feeling is something that i am unable describe. buttt the results were great and the truth that threading lasts longer is working for me!

so don't hesitate the next time a lady in the mall asks you if you would like to have your eyebrows's worth the adventure!

over and out.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


one thing i love about holiday's is all the family time. now being in the real world i forget how much i LOVE being with my family and not only my mom, dad and little brother (i mean come on i live with my sister, kelly) but my extended family as well. this thanksgiving really showed me how thankful i am for such a great family. call it cheesy, but i love them. i hate that it takes me until i am with them to remember how much i thrive when i am with them. i recently came upon on this sweet picture of my family (before little brother) and makes me so happy!

and to be more recent, including the little baby brother - who shockingly is now about to choose where he goes to college (fingers crossed he is close to kelly and me!)

hope all are as thankful for your family as much as i am!


hey friends, i am here. life has been crazy since the last time we spoke, but i am here to stay!

i moved into a new house, started a new job, traveled to wisconsin, canada, athens, dressed up as sophia grace and rosie, jack was a hot dog, thanksgiving-ed in baton rouge, and many many more crazy things, but i am back.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


we are finally in a home
an awesome one at that
it is so great to have an actual place to call home after our 6 weeks of being

that being said im living with 3 of my best friends

it is still a work in progress but we are loving it

i re did my headboard

& have been adding things to my room everyday

i think jack is loving it just as much as us!

Friday, August 17, 2012


i have always heard people talk about 
the highs and lows of the seasons in your life
and honestly i did not understand what it meant
until now

this summer was a hard season and i am happy to welcome fall with open arms
march brought a new job, an additional roommate, and spring training
april, may and june brought birthdays and fun travel for work and pleasure
july brought moving
not just moving to a new place, but moving all my belongings out of our apartment into a storage unit as well as moving into a friends bedroom while sharing a bed and all my belongings with one of my best friends for a month 
{i am not good at sharing a bed - like my personal space}
then moving again
because we could not move into our house until august 1st.
we were homeless for a month
then, work got crazy.

there seemed like there was no consistency
at.all. in any division of my life

i had a breaking point
what put me over the edge was getting a little deodorant on my dress 
& not being able to sew my curtains for our new house
and yes i cried.

it was as if the Lord literally stripped me of everything and brought me to my knees
He needed me to need Him and only Him
i love that about Him.

going through this season was hard
and He was teaching me something
i don't know what it is yet, but i know that it brought me closer to Him
and for that i am thankful

i have learned more than ever that
it is so wonderful that He is in control and not me

so on this day
i can say i am so thankful for seasons fo life
they draw you close and strengthen you for a better tomorrow.

have you ever gone through a hard season?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

little things

sometimes it's the little things 
in life that get
you through the day

lately those little things have been great

pics of jackie boy in auburn + polkadot stick on nail polish+ jackson's nights
floral jeans-lace combo+ costal living dream house+ forever21
reuniting with my bestie + dads mustache + paper products for work