Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i dont think words can do this justice
but lets just say 
it was 80s.kickball.night
& we won

meet the team:

lexi, the catcher

sam, the pitcher

ricco, 3rd baseman

me, outfield

drew, outfield

kelly, 2nd base

clay, 1st base

&& the team picture

we made the finals and play tomorrow night!
go has beens!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RollTide WarEagle

last night we were privileged to be able to 
go to the
premiere of ESPN's new movie
at The Alabama Theater

i had never been to The Alabama Theater 
and it was so amazing, the detail throughout the entire historic venue was simply amazing!

the movie was great and portrayed the rivalry to a "t"
it will air next tuesday night at 7pm and i encourage all to watch

for more info check it out here:

war eagle!!