Friday, March 30, 2012

spring training

im a little late on this posting 
seeing as spring training ends in less than five days
but without further ado...

i was lucky enough to get to travel to fort myers two times for spring training
the first was the dreaded drop off and the second
i was able to stay for a week and actually see drew play

baseball seemed so much more real
with his name on the back of the jersey

we had great food and enjoyed the sun a little too much!

drew's parents were able to come down the same time i was there
which was so nice- gave me someone to sit with and travel to away games with!

mrs. kelly and me

and some old ladies getting his autograph
so famous!

it was a wonderful trip! ready for the next one!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


a couple weekends back 
drew and i watched a baseball game together
something very out of the ordinary for us

{all three of us}

it was weird to be back at birmingham southern's baseball field
and have the guys on the other side of the fence

{mark, sam, drew, brooks, clay}

the school was honoring the team for their great performance over
the last 4 years

it was also great to catch up with everyone that
had become family over the past years
and the ones i usually spent every weekend with

{so good catching up the with higgys!}


{reunited with the support staff}
plus the pups!

{jacks new best friend-Lilly!}

{the higginbotham's}

{evan in the mardi gras spirit}

{jack and drew}

{and probably one of our last pictures watching a baseball game together in the stands}

it was a great weekend, of catching up with friends and reminiscing about the good ole days!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

mardi gras

like i promised
a couple weekends ago 
we were invited to the MOT mardi gras ball in mobile

{mobile was the originator of mardi gras}

ashley met us in bham from atlanta 
and we all drove down together
dogs included friday night

we had a little bump in the road with some car trouble and eventually
made it down to mobile saturday afternoon
we pampered ourselves, put on our best long gowns
while the guys suited up in tails

here are some pictures of the event!

it was event unlike any other i have been to
all the food you can eat
and all the drinks you can drink!

a wonderful experience in downtown mobile that i hope i
can take part in next year!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

hello march...

as happy as i am to have warm spring weather
and a trip down to fort myers
that also brings the beginning of spring training and 
baseball season.

tonight we are packing up and heading out to make the 
long drive down to the florida coast.

bring on the 85 degree weather and beach time!
it will be sad to leave my bff down there 
as i return to work
but ya know someone has to do it!